Corporate Judo & Deflection.

A bad ass, don’t mess with me moon, Ladies Bathroom, Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, Pioneertown, CA

Day 11 — Book Writing/Birthday Month

A colleague said to me once that

I had mastered the art of corporate judo.

I don’t think I’ve mastered it but

I certainly have a new perspective on

How to use it.

I often do the Jedi mind trick wave

At people, not to be funny

But to really truly get my way.

It works some times.

Judo uses the forces of balance, power,

and movement to attempt to subdue the other person.

In business, there are slippery slopes

And maneuvering that take precision.

If you typically take on other people’s work,

Tasks, etc… try a little silence on for size.

You don’t have to take on other people’s

Bullshit or work or tasks if no one else steps up.

Cállate la boca, silencio, por favor.

The past two days, after a weekend

Of clearing and letting things go.

and that gorgeous Capricorn thunder moon

out in the desert .

Along with enjoying the connection of a new

Person in my life who recently

Lit a spark in me.

I’ve decided to put up my dukes.

To protect myself

I realize that I often take on other people’s

Energy and mood and tasks.

Combating that is exhausting.

And we all have to do it every day.

All the time.

Without realizing it.

So I put up my hands yesterday to

block A LOT of negativity, stress,

And other people’s bad energy.

And when I did, it was so nice.

I just stayed calm, deflecting.

Bobbing and weaving,

ducking out of the way.

So when my credit card was stolen,

When QuickBooks decided to not

Accept payment for a huge invoice.

When I didn’t let someone get me all

Riled up about things.

I made a choice about how I react

And about boundaries.

The healer I saw this weekend, looked me

Dead in the eye after sitting with me for a spell

And said Heather, this is absolutely fuckery

and we need to clear the chompers of your energy.

Oh they like you so much, let’s protect you.

I said, yes please, let’s do it.

So, I say to you. Be mindful

Of taking on other people’s bullshit.

They want you to whether

It is unconscious or not.

Shared sorrow, stress, sadness.

Put your hands up, (like I like to do)

This time not for exultation

But for protection, rejection, and deflection.

You are the only one that can block that stuff.

It’s real and palpable.

(and I’m not even talking all the world/political stuff).

And also stop forcing bad stuff on others.

Don’t be a negative pusher.

As my writing coach Rachel says,

let it be easy.

And as a bad ass drag queen on the Lower East Side

Told me long ago, girrrrrrl, protect your queendom,

protect the realm.

And as I say put up your dukes.

Your peace of mind is worth it.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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