Down On Your Knees.

lovely alter at el corazon del desierto, Joshua Tree, Ca

Day 13 — Book Writing/Birthday Month



To give thanks.

I am good at saying thank you.

I still write thank you notes

My Mother and both Grandmothers


But to get down on ones knees

And truly pray

Has eluded me for a while.

It’s now part of my morning practice.

It doesn’t take that long.

And it’s less about what I want

Or need but what

To celebrate and what I am grateful for.

Those to thank

Those to send out some extra goodness

I like to think that when I think

Of you that you feel it somehow.

A sign or something you like

Appears or someone else

In the world is polite or kind to you.

I love the Free Guided Meditations from UCLA

Out of this set of meditations

The loving kindness is my favorite

I usually do a couple of these as 20 minutes

To start my day feels right.

Or a quick 9 min when I’m feeling blocked

Or need to clear my head.

After the mediation.

On my knees.


I give thanks




And so much love.

The way you start the day

is important.

Seconds count.

Ever held your breathe underwater?

Seconds count.

Thank you Rachel for so many things

But for reminding me that prayer.

Is essential.

You too Dad.

So many lightning bugs in my life.

Thank you for your spark.

My new year is approaching

And I am thankful

To be summiting to another one.

With hope


And goodness.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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