Empathy is Sexy- Art Saves Lives @WeRise_LA

Heather Newman
May 27, 2018 · 3 min read

We Rise LA — A Los Angeles based Art Installation about Wellness and Mental Health.

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My baseline is joy. But we all have bad days, and things that hurt in our hearts. Fear, toxicity, anger, chronic pain, longing, disappointment, childhood trauma, and adult trauma.

We don’t talk about these things enough. We call them “things”, we let them sit and dwell; we let them fester and make us sick, breed disease, perpetuate self-loathing and catalyze into a world of overmedication, obesity, crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, shame, and suicide.

You never know what is behind someone’s smiling eyes. I try hard to lead with keeping that in mind always.

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Wellness & Mental Health are issues that affect each of us. I love so many of the pieces in this exhibit. The Art Saves Lives installation moved me and who doesn’t like a fuzzy, tactile wall. To be able to express emotions as an artist can be an epic release. To be a viewer moved by what we see or hear can make a change in us, even if for a moment you simply feel not so alone, or because what you feel is there on the wall or that you walk for a moment in someone else’s shoes and find some empathy for others.

Never suffer alone. Trauma affects us all and reverberates out to everyone in our lives. The art at the @WeRise_LA exhibit is moving, beautiful, tough and needed. A place where art meets activism. Happy to share a glimpse into this work.

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I’m humbled to have worked with and to call the organizers of this event dear friends and humans that I deeply respect. The event continues through next weekend in Chinatown. There is a gallery, panels/speakers, activities for all ages.

Schedule is here. — We Rise LA.

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I suggest going to Yang Chow for dinner order the slippery shrimp and Shanghai dumplings and then heading over to WeRise. #LosAngeles and then Apotheke after for a debrief. (a #foodmaven tip). :)

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Art saves lives.

Empathy is sexy.

Love yourself.

Talk about everything.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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