Faith muscle.

Working the faith muscle, beach walk, Venice Beach CA

Day 5 — Book Writing/Birthday Month

Faith muscle.

Oh this is the muscle that I need to work the most.

This is the easiest one to neglect.

The one where you believe

And make good healthy decisions

And stick with them no matter what.

No matter the occasion.

No matter how busy you are.

No matter how much you travel.

No matter who you are with.

When you put everything else

and everyone else first

You do yourself a disservice.

You weaken that faith muscle.

By drinking when you don’t really want or need to.

Using food as reward.

Sneaking a smoke when you quit years ago.

By feeding sadness with wallowing.

By not doing the work, every day.

I have a good morning ritual

Of meditation, writing, lemon water all that.

I was doing great 12k steps a day

Started surfing, scuba, jumping off stuff

and then

I got injured a while back and my knee isn’t

What is used to be.

So I’ve been careful with it.

I’ve used that as an excuse

And simply just deal with the constant pain

That keeps me up at night.

I like many people I’ve struggled

With my weight

With being healthy

With feeling fit.

I like my body just fine so I’m not obsessed with that.

But I do want to feel better.

Have more pep in my step.

Not worry about fitting into a booth

At a restaurant.

So I got myself a trainer.

I think he is more of a healer

Though he’s fittest man I’ve ever met.

And we’re working on me and

This faith muscle.

So that I can be the best version of myself

As I work to help others

And work every day to lift our world up.

Because that is what I want to do with my life.

So if I say no thank you.

Or decide for us to go for walk

Instead of a bar

Or to order the kale instead of the fries

Say yes and help me strengthen

My faith muscle.

And I’ll help you strengthen yours.

And the things that are important to you.

I promise.

Tis what I love to do.

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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