The Desert Heart.

Backporch at sunset, el corazon del desierto, Joshua Tree

Day 9 — Book Writing/Birthday Month

Where it simply feels good.

Where you are comfortable.

Where magic happens.

Countries, places, cities, shops, homes,

there are ones that

You connect with.

It’s different for everyone.

The favorites.

For me all of New Orleans

all of Brooklyn

dba NOLA

my Grandparents backyard in Michigan that now only exists in my dreams

Great Falls, VA

Waxy’s Bar in Soho, London

the old Bauhaus coffee shop on Capitol Hill, Seattle

The Museum of Modern Art NYC

Lake Tippecanoe, Indiana

My parents condo in Oceanside, San Diego

The beach, anywhere I can watch a sunset

(Maui, Oahu and Venice Beach at the Pier at the end of Washington St)

The corner bench in the Art Institute of Chicago to gaze at

Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, the room of Monets…

Mojo’s Blues Bar in Copenhagen

Vondel Park, Amsterdam

Park Guell, Barcelona

The ramen stalls in Harajuku, Tokyo

Burning Man — 3 o’Clock & 9'o Clock keyholes (Mohammed’s, Kentucky Fried Camp

And where the Liminals are).

Underwater, blowing bubbles

My home, and many other’s homes/rooms/kitchens

To name just a few and not even getting into restaurants…

You feel a place, I do at least.

I can feel when a place has bad juju as well

I try to steer clear or make my visit short.

Names are important.

I read the name El Corazon Del Desierto

and almost booked it because of that.

This isn’t just a room, in home,

on Airbnb in the desert.

It is a spiritual, expansive hug of deep goodness.

The owners Gabriella and Larry have filled their Joshua Tree home with love, abundance,

great coffee, amazing wood carvings, tapestries from their extensive travels.

And gorgeous handcrafted furniture made by Larry.

The house is perfectly placed for sunrise kissing you awake

And sunset off the porch to end your day.

It is an oasis, I felt so comfortable and at peace there.

A perfect place to write and be away.

My room, the Shakti room was

Calm and also so very sexy

With a four poster Iron bed from the 1500’s from Europe

dripping with fluffy pillows, red sheer curtains,

surrounded red walls and red lamps.

A perfect place for this ruby red fiery Cancerian gal.

Sunset from their back porch and both couches outside and in the living room

have made my list of favorite places in the whole wide world.

With much love and thanks to you both.

I can’t wait to come back and luxuriate once again.

To quote the beautiful poet David Whyte (thank you Rachel)

“our home is so close to us.”

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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