Your All-Star Team.

Louis Armstrong Mural — Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Since I played sports

Back in the day I still

Like the concept of having

A team.

Your life team.

This includes

Your family



Guides (spirit, animal, ancestors)


I think

Mere acquaintances

Or strangers

That move you

As well.

Even the people who

Bug you are part of

The team (you are learning)

A lesson there that you need

To learn.

The thing is

Is that you build a team.

Looking for people who are

Wiser than you.

Better than you

With different opinions

Than you


Secret keepers.

Ass kickers.


Keeping you fresh and open

Ready to pivot

To play

To bring your “A” game.

I’ve been reading

The Compound Effect

By Darren Hardy

Lots of thoughts on the people

In one’s life, are they 3 min, 3 hours,

3 days, etc… people.

Who are the 5 people you

Spend the most time with?

I love these questions

Life is short

And I think we should

Each build the best

Team we can around us.

When it doesn’t serve

It doesn’t deserve.

I curate a larger team in a lot of

Different area and blend biz and pleasure,

And then a smaller inner sanctum.

Which seems to be right for me.

But it’s different for everyone.

I have become less tolerant

Of time wasters and negative nellies

And try to not push the above

On people myself.

Who is on your team?

Who leads off at bat for you?

Who is your clean up hitter?

Who sits the bench?

Who is your coach?

It’s good to make a trade once

In a while too.

Curate. Create. Be deliberate

About your team.

Your tribe.

You get one (that you remember).

And you want the All-Star team

Surrounding you.

Why the hell not?

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Written by Head Maven & CEO, Heather Newman, Creative Maven

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