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How would you grow large software project with same amount of people? Month by month amount of features increases and each release requires greater testing efforts to make sure that existing functionality is working. Set of unit tests are helping a lot, but integration between components often becomes a reason of failure for the enduser. To prevent that you want to have end to end tests that will verify that actual features are working.

It’s easy to start writing automated tests and after a while we’d got a C# codebase that took around 20 hours to run roughly 2500 of UI tests with selenium web driver and chrome browser. …

As a developer working on your current project, can you answer the following question: can your system at current state handle a new client with x1000 client compared to your existing user base? Will you know that running in production system has performance issues?

In face of upcoming census surveys our team had to answer similar questions for Survey Solutions software. It is an ASP.NET Core 3 web application that uses PostgreSQL database as a primary storage. In this post I’ll describe how you can implement monitoring solution and load testing that uses free tools.

Performance related testing is a bit different from regular functional testing. Its goal is to check non functional requirements, like response times, First of all, test scenario is needed. We decided to test minimal happy flow that we expect our user to execute — start an interview, answer specified number of questions and complete an interview. To automate this flow k6 tool was chosen. It allows you to write test scripts using javascript, simple and provides good reporting. …

Andrii Kozhyn

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