Overtime Lawyer in Houston, TX

The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC was founded by Travis Hedgpeth, a reliable Texas overtime lawyer dedicated to ensuring non-exempt employees receive wages they have rightfully earned. Travis Hedgpeth has the resources, experience, and skills to help clients understand their rights and file unpaid overtime lawsuits against any company non-compliant with the federal and state overtime law.

He represents employees looking to sue for unpaid wages that arise from overtime violations committed by former or current employers in various industries. The firm has successfully represented many workers misclassified as exempted or independent contractors, not paid for all hours worked, paid less than minimum wage, and paid half-time illegally.

Unlike the Wal-Mart law firms that represent you in virtually everything, the Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC has chosen to focus only on unpaid overtime cases, and it excels in this. As an experienced and successful unpaid wages lawyer, Travis has recovered millions of dollars for employees nationwide. His firm makes it easier for you to learn about your legal options with a confidential free case evaluation.

If you are experiencing overtime violations from a current or previous employer, give Travis Hedgpeth a call today at (281) 572–0727 for a free case evaluation.



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The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC

The Hedgpeth Law Firm, PC, represents employees and individuals whose current or former employers did not pay them overtime as required by state and federal law