Monster Cable in the 1990s

The author at work, Monster Cable, 1993.
The Monster Cable employee base, circa 1991.

Noel Lee — The Head Monster

Howard Harman — The Silver Fox of Sales

“The Goal”

“The Goal”, one of the best-selling business books of all time, and a blessing & curse upon Monster Cable employees in the 1990s.

Work in the Pre-Internet Era

Monster Cable booth at the annual Ace Hardware dealer convention, 1993.

So….Did Monster Cable Actually Work…??

Spool of Monster Cable’s entry-level “XP” speaker cable
CD Sound Rings, early 1990s. Woe to anyone who actually stuck these on their compact discs.

The Office Ambiance

Life On the Factory Floor

The Monster Music Record Label

Midnight Voices “Dreams Keep Blowing My Mind” — an early release on Monster Music, 1991

Closing Thoughts

Immense thanks to Danny Tanaka, Glenn Munlawin, Phil Keeley and Thayer Walker for their recollections and memories for this piece.

Dedicated to Daniel Graham, Vern Smith, David Poole and others who are no longer with us.

Niecy Reilly, phone home — we miss you.




San Francisco, CA

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Jay Hinman

Jay Hinman

San Francisco, CA

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