DFSCoin Airdrop is Live Now ! Soon will be tradable on Cryptopia Exchange too

Check In for DFS Coin Airdrop

Next phase of DFS coin that is, AIRDROP is LIVE!! Please visit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2040757.520 and follow the given directions. If you are already participated in the 1st phase then you are exempt from this phase. Join as soon as possible to get profit in Airdrop.

  1. Download the official DFS Coin Wallet.
     For Windows : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin/raw/master/dfscoin-qt-windows.zip

For Linux : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin/raw/master/dfscoin-qt-linux.tar.gz

  1. If you don’t have you account on draft daily, then here’s the link. Make your personal account on draftdaily.com. Go to https://draftdaily.com/ .
  2. After that send a PM to their community mod explosive on Bitcointalk with your DFSCoin wallet address and your DraftDaily.com user name. You can find that in bitcointalk link on last last section of this article.
  3. Now it’s upto you that you haveto participate in which type of games (paid or free). Enter at least 1 fantasy contest or challenge on DraftDaily.com
  4. Post a screen shot of your team during the live event on social media with a link to DraftDaily.com and #DFSCoin and after that post the link in bitcointalk. Isin’t that easy ?!

People around the globe are invited to get involved in this fatasy sports and should take part for profits just sitting at your home. Furthermore, the coin can be used for different games and groups and in that limit it foreseen that would change the fantasy sports experience in a huge way. With an underlying supply of 210,000,000 coins it is normal the DFScoin will dominate the daily fantasy sports industry and set the standard that all clients and players alike grasp. Airdrop is one of the most important feature of any cryptocurrency and if its of fantasy sports then everybody wants to grab this opportunity.

DFSCoin Overview

DFS Coin is a Blockchain Based decentralized platform which allows it’s users to compete with each other, for money or ranks virtually, using cryptocurrency i.e. DFS coin for only a minimal charge of .001 DFS per transaction while grabbing the opportunity to earn hugely after winning several games and gives huge profit for users who are playing the game.

DFS platform have a website named as Draftdaily.com which help users to play games and to earn money. Nowadays Fantasy sports have become a Billion Dollar industry participated by Millions of users all around the World on daily basis in order to earn plenty of money . There are two major websites or companies which provides top notch services in Sports Fantasy named Draftsking & FanDuel where you can find various option which can help you to explain everything.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is actually a virtual manifestation of real sports, which means virtual games but are so perfect that you can’t even imagine. A person will select players using a Fantasy Sports website account. These players will be selected on the real statistics basis of real players in real sports.

Every single person is allowed to participate no matter what’s your age or what are your skills towards those sports. You can learn while playing and soon you can become champion in that game. Not only this you can easily earn money while playing this sports.

DFS Closed beta For Social Media Platform

DFS is going to introduce their all new social media platform to get engaged with family, friends and to know what’s more around the globe. The platform is testing thier closed beta interface which looks tremendous and will soon be there for people. There we can find various spots like blogs, marketplace, advertise, news, and much more. Lots of graphics and options are available for people and to explore various activities of their family and friends, not only this you can advertise your own brand on DFS social media platforms which is an innovative feature.

DFS Coins-

Users can now trade DFS coins on Coinexchange.io very easily and day by day it is getting more popular. Soon will be there on Cryptopia exchange for investors as well.

DFS Coins are the in-built currency of DFS platform which can be used for several purposes within the platform. One can also convert them into other cryptocurrencies and transfer it to exchanges as per their choice.

On their website, DailyDraft, one can simply participate with only 1000 DFS coins in game whose reward pool consist of 450000 DFS coins. People get free DFS just for signing up on this platform and gets 1000 DFS coins for free which is another advantage for getting connected to this platform.
 DFS Coins has a total supply of 210 Million out which 42 Million have already pre-mined.

DFS Coin Website: http://dfscoins.com/

Discord link : https://discord.gg/JSBgmVS

Draftdaily Website :https://draftdaily.com/

Coinexchange.io : https://www.coinexchange.io/market/DFS/BTC

Nova : https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_DFS/

GitHub link : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin

Thank You

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Originally published at steemit.com on October 16, 2017.