Prime-ex perpetual

A company which will make profit to you by investing in the real estate.
It will provide you with the beat rates if the real estate or your property.Currently the best company which has raised the value of Real Estate.
It is a company that disruptes the real estate industry.
The main motive of the company is to make profit to the investors whenever the property is sold or purchased.
Prime-Ex Perpetual (Prime-Ex) will take control over the real estate process from beginning to end, encompassing the selection, construction, sales, borrower financing, and maintenance of the custom homes.

This will create opportunities to the participants so that they can win every time with a new property being built, sold, and financed within or through the Prime-ex.

The system of Prime-Ex will utilize blockchain technology to the crowd-fund its operations with the PEX-Token (PEX), and will create both organic and external demand for PEX tokens within the Prime-Ex business model.

Rules and regulations for the bounty programs-

The Prime-Ex Perpetual Bounty Campaign consists of 0.83% of the PEX Tokens sold in the ICO up 
to 250,000 PEX Tokens, and will be distributed to the following pools:
(20%) Facebook Campaign
(20%) Twitter Campaign
(20%) Custom Bounty Campaign
(15%) Bitcointalk Signature Campaign
(15%) Prime-Ex Thread Support
(10%) Bitcointalk Translation Campaign


Participants must have a Waves Wallet from to 
complete registration. Bounty tokens will be deposited after the ICO to this Waves Wallet. 
REGISTRATION: Visit to sign-up to our bounty program, and accept 
the registration terms and conditions. Registration opens on September 8th at 12:00 p.m. Panama Timezone.
NEWSLETTER: By registering to the bounty program, you agree to sign up to the Prime-Ex 
Perpetual newsletter, and agree to open all communications sent from Prime-Ex Perpetual for the duration of the bounty campaign.
DURATION: All bounty campaigns will run from September 10th at 12:00 p.m. Panama Time, through November 30th at 8 p.m. Panama Time. This is a total of eleven (11) weeks. Each member of a Bounty Campaign is expected to contribute their efforts at least weekly.

CREDITED SUBMISSIONS: All completed work must be submitted to your personal profile page that you’ve registered at by copy/paste of your completed work’s URL under the appropriate campaign header for each instance where you are seeking credit towards your 
bounty. Posts without a valid URL will not be counted.
STATUS: Participation and status for each bounty will be posted on

TERMINATION: Prime-Ex reserves the right to terminate the bounty campaign at any point. For 
instance, if PEX tokens are sold out before November 30th, all bounty campaigns close and earned 
tokens will be calculated according to shares at time of closure.