Smart Token Exchange Stex Main Aims Of Stex Project Smart Platform For Investment ICO 1st Phase Begins Now

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STeX is becoming the most popular exchange among the investors now a days.Its qualities and properties have made it the most trusted exchange now a days.Investors are contributing and investing into the STeX. It is the first and the only crypto exchange owned by the public.

In STeX hundred percent of operating profits from commissions is proportionally distributed among all shareholders of STE tokens.

-Currently STeX is the best exchange.

-It has the complex solution to solve liquidity problem.

-As the investors are not implementing their plans properly so STeX will help in implementation very properly. It is the first exchange to aggregate liquidity in one place.

It has totally a new level of crypto-exchange functioning.



-Fixed token supply of 100,000,000 STE (8 decimals) with no possibility of additional emission.So the investors can rest assured that no extra tokens will ever appear in the circulation. The team has deliberately excluded such a scenario. After ICO the team will burn unsold tokens. This provision is mentioned in the DAO contract. -Transparent Phase 1 (Presale) terms with the minimum limit of 1000 ETH and maximum cap of 15,000 ETH to raise. The cap during presale phase is needed to make sure that presale investors’ shares are not diluted during the ICO phase. -Presale investors will be rewarded for early contribution and will get 10% of the funds raised during the next ICO. For example, if we raise 2,500 ETH during presale and 250,000 ETH during ICO, 25,000 ETH will be distributed among the presale investors. That is 10 times more than you invested and 1,000% return on investment. We are planning to begin ICO after 1–2 months after presale phase. This provision is made in the DAO contract. -If the minimum limit is not reached during Phase 1 (presale) all ether is returned to investors automatically. -The contract ensures the distribution of profits is made proportionally to the number of tokens the investors hold relative to their total supply. So, if the investor own 12% of our tokens, then he will receive 12% of the exchange profits.

The team plans a monthly distribution of profits from the company’s activities.


Investors should consider major risk that can ruin this project at any stage. If one day cryptocurrencies and tokens become extinct without any next-generation electronic money solution, this project most probably will be closed, losing most of its value. Yes, that’s clear: if you expect cryptocurrencies to vanish, you should not support this project. The team

will not survive in the world without Bitcoin, Ethereum or similar free-float e-money solutions. But STeX exchange will still be fine if instead of bitcoin some new breed will emerge.


As it is a smart and sophisticated platform for everyone.

-The person can choose who and what he want to be in market.




STeX pre sale is live now.The pre sale will continue for the coming 3 days.Every investors are welcome to purchase the STe tokens.Investors can purchase the STe tokens by paying in Eth.The platform will run till 30th september 2017 or 15000 ETH whichever is earlier.

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Originally published at on September 27, 2017.