Need a Personalized Social Network?

While there are tons of social networking sites (SNSs) already out there, what we hardly come across is a fully dedicated “interest-based” hyper-local platform exclusively based on unique individual interests, that could possibly make it a lot easier for someone to find like-minded people or the groups of one’s interest within his/her neighborhood.

With growing customer demands for personalized and unique experience, almost all the industries, such as fashion, e-commerce, travel etc. are moving towards personalization, but aren’t we hard-pressed to think of even one such SNS that does quite the same without jeopardizing it’s power and vision?

No, right? Today, we have so many relatives, friends and colleagues but still lack that core group of people near us who pursue the same interests and hobbies as we do. We end up needing multiple social platforms to find a way around this problem.

Consider, for instance, you just moved to a new place and do not know many people, local outlets and clubs etc. Wouldn’t having an interest-based social networking platform be very useful for you to easily discover genuine people in your radius with shared interests and know about local groups for the same?

Or let’s say that you want to make new like-minded friends, learn something or just explore new hobbies such as Salsa classes, learn swimming in your society swimming pool and so on. How amazing it would be to find everything just from the comfort of your home in no time.

Understanding how inconvenient and demotivating this can get for most people, I founded MyyUtopia, an interest based personalized social network which provides a single platform where you can find exactly what you love, be it that one person who loves the same things as you do or that gang of buddies who you can bond with over that one passion of yours. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your demographics are, the only thing that matters is the passion that you share.

MyyUtopia is one of it’s kinds and is a very flexible app. It has all the capabilities of a Social Network, and at the same time, also gives enough flexibility and power to its users to build and configure their own network as and when they wish. You can easily (re)define your interests, set your discoverable radius and have a lot more controls on how you want your social network to be!

We have already been published on ProductHunt, Startup Tales and few other media/magazine articles. Finally, an app that is changing the way we socialize. Check it out on Google Play Store.

Come join us and be a part of the Change. Help us make your lives easier and more fun. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Here is the app’s Google Play store link:

Heemanshu Suri

Founder, MyyUtopia