She leaves her life 
Her name and home 
And all the comforts 
That were hers

To come to a new place 
Filled with new faces and hopes
A place that she is told 
Is hers

A pampered girl 
Who has been daddy’s princess 
She is expected to work in this new home 
Unlike hers

Always free to 
Having her say 
She is expected to keep their needs 
Before hers

Keeping a smile on her face 
She makes their happiness a priority over hers 
She calls them her family 
But they don’t love her 
Like hers

Seeking their approval 
And awaiting their acceptance 
Tears replace the confidence 
That was hers

Her parents took so much pain
To bring her up as a hero
She now struggles to Find the pride
That was hers

Passing it down 
From one generation to another 
A mother prays for her daughter’s life 
To be less troublesome 
Than hers

Will a girl never get the chance 
To create a life for herself 
One that she can truly call