Why Are you Killing me?

My situation is no different.

Hello India,

I need to ask you few Questions.

What do you think of yourself? Why do you think that I can’t do anything?

Why are you making, Being girl a punishment? Why can’t I live my life my way?

I have dreams, I have potential to fulfil them as well. I can’t sit at home like other girls of my society.

Why my education is for marrying rich man rather than marrying the one I love to be with.

Why can’t you think that I have potential to earn my livings and live a happy life on my own. I can do that, I know. I have faith, who are you to underestimate my faith?

Why are you killing me India?

Why do you want me to keep struggling for you shitty human made rituals? I don’t want to be part of that materialistic society. Where people think that love doesn’t matter. What all matters is money?

I understand money is important. But I think that can be earn with handwork but i can’t buy love.

I am just 24 for these 240000 kilos of pressure you want me to live with. Why can’t you work on yourself and help me to live with my self-respect rather then my father’s or my husband’s.

Why do you question me about my character rather than my achievements or my career plans?

Why my career plans are dependant on my gonna be Husband’s Choice. Why not on my choices? Why do you want me to follow the practices people are following from 1000’s of years. Why ca’t i break this rule for my happiness?

Please let me live my way.

Please let me earn my own living. I don’t want to be dependant on my Husband’s money for my life. I just want a person to support me and love me. If i have found him already and i love him,


WHY INDIA WHY you don’t you let me marry him??? Just because of your dreams, your self-respect, and your human made fake rituals. I am struggling for my own life.I am living with so much of mental pressure so that you can sleep well tonight.

How does it even matters to you that i have slept or not.

What matters to you is Your dreams of how a girl should live and what a girl should do.

Sorry India, I am not the one.

I will live my way. You approve or not. I really don’t want to fit in your society of fake rituals of your Ego and Self esteem.

I have both Ego and self Esteem of my own. If not, than I know how to earn it, my way.