How to kickstart your journey as a Candidate at Hiredd?

Hiredd offers excellent employment opportunities to students and young professionals, to help them build their career in their desired field of interest.

Have your career goals been disrupted with the lockdown? Can’t decide how to upscale your resume and get your dream job even during this pandemic? Don’t worry, you have Hiredd, India’s leading job & internship search portal, at your service.

Hiredd allows job-seekers, be it, students looking for internships or young professionals looking for career advancement, to find employment opportunities from different industries and cities across the country in one place. Here’s how you can start using the Hiredd platform to make the best out of it as a candidate.

1. Sign up

Take the first step in kickstarting your journey as a candidate on Hiredd by creating your Hiredd profile. While signing-up on Hiredd, select the Student option & then sign-up using either:

  • Email
  • Google
  • Facebook

2. Build Your Resume with Hiredd’s Resume Builder

Next, create your resume in using Hiredd’s Resume Builder by answering simple questions given by the system. You can easily create the resume in six simple steps, which will take under 5 minutes.

Your resume will comprise of the following main ingredients, including:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Career objective
  • Skills

3. Start your Internship/Job search

Once you’ve created your profile and your resume, you are all set to begin your journey of finding your dream job. Head over to Hiredd’s homepage and enter the desired job/internship keyword along with your preferred job/internship location.

You can also search for jobs & internships through Hiredd’s popular searches to find prompt and instant results.

4. Read Company Reviews

As a job-seeker, it can be a challenging task of selecting where to work based on just the job or internship posting. Keeping this in mind, Hiredd as created a Company Reviews section that allows users to view the reviews about the work environment posted by former or current employees, giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse.

5. Apply for Job/Internship in one-click

Hiredd is a job & internship search platform that has chiefly been created to deliver efficient results when it comes to searching & applying for jobs online. At Hiredd, you can apply for the preferred jobs and internships in one-click.

Bonus Tip: Hiredd is currently hosting its Aptitude Test with a winning cash prize worth up to Rs 25,000. Additionally, all the first 50 ranked toppers will be listed on Hiredd’s Top 50 Leaderboard, giving you a stage for recruiters to hire from.

There’s a massive amount of individuals applying for jobs and internships from across the country currently. Hiredd has offered you an exclusive way to stand out from the crowd through its Top 50 Leaderboard.

Start using Hiredd and find your dream job now.

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