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Hiredd is free to use job and internship search platform for companies looking to hire employees or interns for their team. Here’s how you can find your dream team members in five simple steps.

Hiredd is one of the emerging and leading jobs and internships search platform in India that serves as a bridge between job seekers & recruiters. As a recruiter or employer who is looking for hiring talent to their team, Hiredd is the number one platform you can rely on for the same.

Hiredd is 100% FREE for companies and businesses looking to expand their team by hiring online. Employers can post jobs and internship openings in their company through Hiredd for free. Here’s how you can post job/internship opening using Hiredd in a few simple steps.

5 Steps to Post a Job/Internship on Hiredd

1. Sign Up

Click here to signup.

The first thing that you must do to post a job or internship opening on is to sign up on the website using your email, Google, or Facebook account. While creating your account on Hiredd, you’ll be prompted if the account is meant for a job seeker or a company. As a company looking to hire using Hiredd, select the Company option.

2. Add Company Logo, & Other Details

Once you’ve signed up on the Hiredd platform, its time to made additions and other modifications to create a prolific company profile. Add your company logo or other relevant photos and other details about your company that includes the principal function and product of the firm.

3. Click on Post a Job or Post an Internship

You’ll see a Post a Job and a Post an Internship option on the top bar of the Hiredd page. Select the tab according to your employment requirements. A page displaying all the detail required for posting a job or internship on the platform will be displayed on the screen.

4. Enter Job Details

This is the most crucial step in creating a good job or internship posting to hire new talent to your team. Job seekers and candidates will rely on this data while applying for the employment opportunity using Hiredd. Some of the key job details that must be taken care of include:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Number of openings available
  • The start date for job/internship
  • Job description or Intern’s responsibilities
  • Stipend details
  • Other benefits and perks

5. Post the Job

Once you’ve finalized the entire format and filled in the necessary details of your job/internship opening, you’re all set to post it for job-seekers and students to view. You can also save the Job/Internship posting in your drafts if you want to publish it sometime later.

All the companies can use Hiredd as a platform to hire without paying any price. Hiredd can be the ultimate platform for you to find and build your dream team. The job and internship search platform also offers its premium job and internship posting services that enable the job/internship posting to be listed on the top of the job search results.

Use the promo code HAPPYHIRE to get ten free premium jobs and internship postings on the platform.

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