Social project for saving children from violence

My task : There is a misconduct and violence in a children’s home in your country. You have documents proving it, and few interviews blaming other people and telling what is happening there. But you have no access to enter these homes, and no children who can speak about it.


First I will process the social project. It will be the ‘relay’ method. The challenge for us is to quickly inform and report this situation and save the child from the violent family. But There is no children who can speak to prove the violence. So I will let other people convey and spread this situation in relay. It will just help to spread the problem quickly through SNS.

Existing examples

Do you remember the ‘ice bucket challenge’? It is a relay donation campaign to help patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease while attracting attention to Lou Gehrig’s disease. A person who wants to participate will upload a video of pouring ice water himself to the SNS, then point out the next three contestants and continue the donation with the relay. Those who have been identified must shower in ice water within 24 hours or donate $ 100 to the ALS. There was similar campaign in ‘Habitat for humanity Korea’. If 1000 handwritings are collected, one house is built. People tag Habitat hash tags with their handwriting, and then re-label the three SNS friends. It also gave very good results.

‘I support Habitat for Habitat of Hope to change my life. A handwritten handwritten relay handles 1000 handwriting to create a warm home for poor children. If you have been named, take one minute now’

These campaigns took full advantage of the positive aspects of SNS. People have the nature to show their activities to their friends. The characteristics of those need attentions from around were enough to upload handwriting or ice bucket videos. This fun campaign helped people to voluntarily participate in good activities.


I want to do some campaign like this. First I will make a site for saving children from their home. In the site, there are a few interview to prove the violence. outline of a violent family. This will be long-form article we have learned before. Also in our country, although there was not much publicity, I found that the Korean government has established a system that can identify crisis children in advance according to their age and characteristics. The site will contain these things. And also I will put location and number of institutions who can help them. Government also decided to operate ‘Professional family commission system’ which professional people such as doctor and tutor manage the violent family. It will help protection and treatment of them.

AND then, It is important to promote this site to a lot of people. people will upload on ther SNS their family picture with their neighbor family with the hashtag Such as “#HAPPYFAMILY”. and they will also put the site link. And then they will point out next 3 person. There are many violent families in Korea. I think the neighbor’s help is the most important. It will contain also the sentence of ‘pay attention to Your neighbor’. It will be effective to prevent the violent and make more closed neighbor.

Publishing stategy

1) target audience

Korea SNS users and who are sensitive to trend.

2) how will you evaluate your KPI`s

Page views, the number of Hashtag or posting, link share, call report, like, share, comments of article.

3) length of the project.

The SNS trend changes quickly so there is no guarantee that it will last long. But I think this project and site will be enough promoted. The SNS relay will last about three months, and the Happy family site will continue to operate.


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