Introducing Symmetry in Segmentation


Vision is one of the most important senses humans possess. But have you ever wondered about the complexity of the task? The ability to capture the reflected light rays and get meaning out of it is a very convoluted task and yet we do it so easily. We developed it due to millions of years of evolution. So how can we give machines the same ability in a very small period of time? For computers, these images are nothing but matrices and understanding the nuances behind these matrices has been an obsession for many mathematicians for years. But after the…

The most human way to classify text

What’s all this hype about text classification?

Since the uprising of Artificial Intelligence, text classification has become one of the most staggering tasks to accomplish. In layman terms, We can say Artificial Intelligence is the field which tries to achieve human-like intelligent models to ease the jobs for all of us. We have an astounding proficiency in text classification but even many sophisticated NLP models are failed to achieve proficiency even close to it. So the question arises is that what we humans do differently? How do we classify text?

First of all, we understand words not each and every word but many of them and we…

Heet Sankesara

Deep learning Researcher | DSC AI lead | Deep learning Blogger | CSE undergrad@IIIT Vadodara

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