It used to be a weapon that only rich and powerful White men used to control the cultural narrative and maintain power

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Eartha Kitt 1967, ABC Television, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I wonder if Billie Holiday and Eartha Kitt are having a good chuckle in heaven right about now. All these White men in the entertainment industry are freaking out because they know that if they say the “wrong thing” they will face a backlash. They might get cancelled.

I can imagine Billie and Eartha at a fancy jazz club in heaven, sitting side by side at the bar enjoying cocktails while smirking because Shane Gillis and Bill Burr are whining about being held accountable for the lazy, hateful jokes they made which created a public backlash. …


H. Elizabeth Falk

Proud lefty, libtard, commie pinko. I may disagree with you but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler. Hyperbole is killing this country.

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