Who said being introvert is good.

Yes, they observe​ every goddamn little thing but who said that is good..?

You are walking in a busy street but your eyes catch one poor guy in dirty clothes collecting garbage and you wonder how could he make his bread everyday.. And feel sorry for his fate..

You saw a small stray puppy .. Which is happy and joyously playing.. She had no idea what her life would be ... but you worry about her future.. You know she is going to starve one day or sleep on wet street.. She is going to suffer .. As you have nothing much to do..you silently leave the place..

You are purchasing a tomatoes from a road side vendor and you wonder how he manages to run his family with such a small income. And you could see a small boy helping his father in business while his all friends are playing.
And you are walking side way of the road and a autowala slowly drive beside you by looking at your face... And you exactly know how he is feeling right at that point.. He was desperate and he wished you could stop him for a ride which would help him to earn few more extra money.

The list goes on..

You observe everything around you.. You detect tension, anger, sadness, and of course happiness around you but you choose to remain silent.

Most of the time you feel guilty for not helping the person in trouble.You helplessly observe them and move on.

Yes I agree one could choose to filter only happy incidents around you and remain happy but again..
 how often you could see such events occurring in this fucked up world?

So tell me being introvert is good?

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