How to make your community open Slack team super low maintenance.

Heggy Castaneda
Apr 4, 2017 · 2 min read

I recently joined Free Code Camp Santa Clara (FCCSC) in California and started Slack channel for FCCSC meetup group. As I have been automating FCCSC Slack team, I found following tips that are universally useful for any community based Slack teams. Read below for tips on how to create your community Slack team ultra-low maintenance & fun.

  • Automate new enrollment by creating Slack login page. Why I love this: So that you don’t have to manually approve or invite new teammates to your Slack team.
FCCSC slack login page
  • Add helpful bot to answer FAQs. Why I love this: I find people ask the same questions over and over. This eliminates repeating yourself and keep consistently well-drafted responses out to community member quickly and most efficiently.
  • Make your Slack unique & fun by adding cult of parrot emoji pack. Install using emoji pack is a super efficient way to upload a bunch of emojis using CLI. Use it to save your precious time. Why I love this: Why wouldn’t I? That should be the question.
Parrot Dad
Shuffle Parrot

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