Babies are hard. AirBear is changing that one tap at a time.

I had my first kid at 35, and I thought I was clueless.

It turns out a lot of parents feel this way.

There are anthropological reasons why I and so many parents feel this way. We’re often coming from smaller families, having babies later in life versus prior generations, and we just don’t spend a lot of time with babies — until it’s your baby.

Oh, and you’re usually getting by on just a few hours sleep.

So despite reading books and taking classes, the only time my wife and I really felt like we knew we were on track was when we would meet with our pediatrician and ask a bazillion questions. Otherwise, my wife and I were constantly asking each other “Is this normal?” and probably 10x a day “Is it time to feed the baby???”

AirBear changes this, with simplicity, beauty, and fun.

We had used apps to track ovulation, track the pregnancy, and even used apps to time contractions — so naturally we looked to apps to help us with our newborn baby girl.

While there is invariably an app for everything, there’s rarely a great app for anything.

The same is true with baby apps. So complicated, so bloated, so ugly. From talking with my wife and a lot of other parents — all one really wants to know (and what AirBear focuses on) when it comes to feeding is:

a) When was the last feeding?

b) When is the next feeding??

and perhaps most importantly…

c) How are we doing???

Granted there’s a lot of stuff we could track and could show parents, but feedings are what matter most, and it’s where we chose to start the AirBear journey.

Other apps are a maze of buttons and screens and endless navigation back and forth. AirBear is the prettiest, easiest app you’ve ever dreamt of to get on a great feeding schedule.

Bonus, AirBear provides very timely high fives, right when you need them… Like after that 4am feeding. We know. We’ve been there ;)

We hope you give AirBear a try, give us a good review, tell your friends, and last but not least — let us know how we can make AirBear better. Email me any time at

We’re just getting started, and there’s a ton of AirBear magic to come ❤