What’s the Stench in San Francisco?

The SFMTA Stinks.
The Stench Goes RightTo The Top.

No response from Mayor Ed Lee
Last week, we broke the news of the SFMTA blocking Fixed and asked you to tweet at Mayor Lee. Thousands of you did…. but there is still no response from his office.

At first we were surprised. Until we realized that the stench at the SFMTA goes all the way to the top.

Judge an organization’s ethics by the actions of its leader
Since last week’s email, the SFMTA have strong-armed another $2M from the citizens of SF. They did this by ignoring the rules, continuing to block our service, and failing to put any accountability in place.

One rule for Mayor Lee. Another rule for us.
Fixed’s guide to parking like a Mayor.

STEP 1: Double park. Block traffic including a bus full of commuters.
(But hey… you don’t really care)

[SFMTA Fine: $110]

STEP 2: Pull into the crosswalk. Block access to wheelchair ramp.
(“Citizens are such suckers”)

[SFMTA Fine: $106 + $298]

STEP 3: Have the SFMTA dismiss your tickets.
(“Because hey… I’m the Mayor, bitches”)

[Source: Freedom of Information Act Request]

Don’t forget. You get to vote in 2 weeks time.
If this level of entitlement sickens you (and it should)… don’t worry, you get to vote in less than 2 weeks time.

Before you vote, email Mayor Lee and ask him to make a promise for more SFMTA accountability.


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Photos: Andy Cooper @terrapin_sf

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