What is Full Stack Designer ? Why it’s demand is increasing ?

Giant tech companies have a dedicated design team working on specific product design goals to find efficient solution. Since past two decades, small companies and start-ups are growing rapidly and it’s not feasible for them to make a room for different product teams. This is mainly because of tight budget, limited resources and possible risk factors. In addition to that, lots of responsibilities are given to the employees who are capable enough to execute tasks on time.

Entrepreneurs who are hiring for their start-up ideas would like to choose a person who already excels at multiple skills whether it’s development or design. Even as a back-end supporter they do thinking of a person who is familiar with new technologies. Likewise, they also expect a designer to have and expertise in most of the design tools and skills.

So what does full stack design means ?

Overall design process from the initial stage of product design phase to the deployment phase. That includes user interviews, research, UX design, visual design, prototyping and front-end development. In detail, the duties are taking user interviews, client interviews, competitive analysis, user research, wire framing, mock-ups, low fidelity & high fidelity prototypes, User interface design, visual design, A/B testing, typeface library, svg compression, animations, web elements and front-end coding.

Five years ago we were using the word “Web Designer” but now we use it as Full stack designer. Moreover, HTML, css, jquery are no more coding skills. It’s obvious why I won’t hire the person who can do everything related to design. The position itself require to know the tools and techniques that can enhance the development of product.

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Actual Scenario:

Nowadays, people who call themselves designers are evolving according to the market needs and requirement to achieve a greater position in organization.

UI Designers who are experts in visual design started learning User experience design but lack front-end skills. Vice versa UX designers who are experts in prototyping, user stories, user empathy started learning front-end development but lack user interface design skills also holds true.

So should I become the one ?

Well, Being a full stack means a lot of responsibility and a top of the order skill set which pays you a good amount of money. It demands to learn skills from scratch to the expert level. So next time, when you hear full stack designer, don’t get confused or relate with full stack developer, because they exist and they are versatile designers. The only possible factor that could affect as full stack is that the focus is on dynamic design skills may lack specific expertise on a skill, however it depends on person to person. Mastering multiple domains gives you great value and importance in an organization and enrich your skill-tree.