Why We Decided to Expand Growlife/EZ Clone Into the CBD-Rich Hemp Clone Business Starting in 2020

  • The CBD product industry projected to be $24 billion CBD market with 700% growth with a broken link in the supply chain
  • Industry-wide lack of CBD-rich hemp clones needed to fulfill demand for consumer products
  • GrowLife to leverage subsidiary EZ-CLONE’s expertise by adding CBD-rich hemp clones to product offering, eyeing large market opportunity driven by lack of supply of hemp clones

GrowLife (OTC: PHOT) recently announced that the company is targeting a whole new product market segment through our subsidiary EZ-CLONE. When examining the…

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Note from CEO:

As a part of our on-going communications, we strive to keep our investors, customers, and the general public informed on happenings within GrowLife. I am taking our 2018 10k filing and this blog to do just that.

On March 8th, we filed our annual report for 2018. Highlights can be found here in our issued press release. The annual report is an oppotunity for us to convey as much information on operational and financial highlights from the previous year. …

GrowLife Grow Room

What You Need to Know About Growlife’s Latest Developments and Where We Are Headed

2018 is proving to be a very exciting time for GrowLife. We have been working extensively on the implementation of our strategic plan to position GrowLife on the frontlines of cultivation innovation through multiple initiatives including the creation of new products and systems, a focus on profitability and revenue generation through the year, and a re-organization of the capitalization structure designed to increase investor value and long term stability. We believe the cornerstone of a successful public company is open and transparent communication with its shareholders…

source: Roy Schultz Northwest Calgary, Calgary, Canada

GrowLife is growing again but, as always, we want it faster. We must continuously remind ourselves that we are building an industry and not just a company. I have been waiting to complete our first half of the year to blog as a follow-up on the Feb 24th blog posting of 2017 GrowLife Roadmap. However, I cannot continue to watch the market, and especially our sector, decline without speaking up. The bottom line is that our industry is being reshaped by a political tug of war between the Federal Administration and 30 States that have legalized Cannabis. …

Navigating through Opportunities

Phare Du Petit Minou Plouzane France

Let’s cut to the chase:“How hard can it be to grow a company in one of the fastest growing industries?” A resonating question I hear repeatedly. The answer is that short-term spikes are relatively easy but to build lasting long-term growth demands more work and thought than most people like to talk about. I will share my point of view on an answer and how GrowLife intends to go big. The plan to grow PHOT revolves around our 2017 Roadmap plan from concepts that were explored in 2016. Feel free to post your comments and give me…

A GrowLife Directional Update

source: Cam Adams, Yosemite Valley, USA

As a management consultant for many years I look at a business’s market factors, customer needs, business operations, and future trends to determine where to place the bets. Always keeping in mind that there will be bends and turns, some up, some down. If the company is on the right course, then it gets closer to its destination. We are getting closer.

I am working on a Ask Me Anything (AMA) posting to address many shareholder questions. Please send your questions to info@growlifeinc.com. Also, thoroughly read sec.gov filings for PHOT information.

Market Factors
The hydroponics supply industry is expected to experience…

Cultivating a Community

The most commonly asked question from our customers is about how. Not how to drop a seed in the ground and let the sun and water do the work once a year, but how to get started with the right equipment for indoor growing. How they can spend their money wisely. And, most importantly, how to do it right so it can be rewarding. There are many lights, nutrients, media, pesticides, cloners, bulbs, tents, etc. to choose from. At last count our new e-commerce system has about 8 gigabytes of data with about 10,000 products. See our beta e-commerce site…

credit: Andrew Coelho

Getting past last year was like completing survival training and now, being on the other side this year, we are greatly energized. The Company is lean, fit and making solid progress. In this update I briefly elaborate on recent filings on our financial performance, progress and plans for shareholders.

During the 22 months after the SEC halt, the Company chose to continue operations and finance its public status with the intention of rebuilding shareholder value after PHOT obtained its 211 approval. …

Update on Speed and Direction

For greater context, please review prior postings, Discernment and A New Day. Specific financials and corporate actions on GrowLife (OTCBB: PHOT), can be found in the filings at the SEC website. Note Blue Sky Statement below.

To paraphrase Edward Abbey, “Growth for the sake of growth is the mantra of the cancer cell.” We all want growth and we all want it now. But, what if we grow the wrong way? Is there a wrong way for financial growth? Yes, there is. The conversion of extremely low-priced notes is one example. But, let’s not dwell on the past. Instead, let’s…

credit: Joshua Earle

Thoughts and updates as GrowLife resumes public trading

Last Wednesday afternoon, February 17th, FINRA informed the public of PHOT‘s Market Center Change Moving to Bulletin Board and notified our market maker that they approved its 15c2–11 filing to allow them to facilitate trading of PHOT. After almost two years since the April 10th, 2014 halt, we are executing our strategy to get to profitability. The following morning PHOT traded a million shares before the market opened at about $0.01. Over the next 48 hours the market traded just under 50,000,000 shares, going from $0.01 to a high of $0.09, and closed at $0.06 …

Marco Hegyi

Chief Executive Officer & President of GrowLife (PHOT)

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