I’ve been caught in a cycle for the past year.

  1. Experience A.
  2. Want to write about it.
  3. Don’t write about it.
  4. Experience B.
  5. Want to write about it.
  6. Don’t know if I should write about A or B first.
  7. Experience C.

Until every letter of every alphabet has been exhausted.

I’m exhausted.

There are so many things I want to write about, but I just have no idea where to start. By order of recency? Importance? Memorability?

This incessant pondering — figuring out where to start itself is only adding oil to the flame. Sleet on snow. Load on laundry. I made those last two up.

And sure sometimes I write down to-do lists, or daily entries, and stuff like that, but I haven’t actually written for so long, that I’ve lost my own sense of writing style. Even now, I’m struggling to find the right sentences for the right thoughts. My train of flow is everywhere.

But maybe that’s a good thing.