Enter the Matrix

Imagine if every word, sentence and concept has the maximum points of some kind that are decremented every time one of those are said, written or otherwise published publicly. Once they reach the total of zero, they loose their point and their meaning.

The points are stochastic, and maximum is defined as maximal impact one word, sentence or concept reach. One will learn about it once the concept falls, words loose their meanings and/or phrases become inapplicable.

The field of existence for such imagination is the world in which telling less is enforced by choice, rendering to telling less more frequently. It’s the world in which information is recycled over and over again, so every given word would have pretty big-to-reach maximum, as their reach is wide and high, sentences little lesser than that, but concepts would be pretty doomed, since they would reach wide auditorium without changing it’s original form. Repeatedly.

In such world where concepts fail pretty often, we’re able to determine them colloquially, but their value will be equal to none, since no one would follow colloquially explained concepts. All of it’s strength would lie in self-interpretations that could gain some momentum among those who share emotional deflection of the same origin, leading their common though to cynicism or hysterical anger.

But there is really no need for that, one has to realize that everything said, written or read just misses the value or it’s value has reached zero.

Once you reach this nirvana, you’ll notice that there is no need to imagine it, it’s the world we’re living in now. The world of hyper produced opinions (including this particular one) and hyper devalued everything else.

It’s the world of served and self-enforced expectations, based on hyper-repeated notions on anything and everything. They just need to align with one’s current emotional state of being. Nothing special.

It’s the world in which you conform to current big thing, unaware of meaninglessness of it, because all you need is something to move you.

But everything is seen, recycled in infinite cycles.

It’s the world in which your expectations routinely end up bad, and you go to bed devastated, unhappy or otherwise negatively conformed. Just to force yourself to think again, think again inside this big box, think again against the same set of constraints. Running inside the loop, producing large quantities of words, sentences and concepts that will just speed up the whole process to zero.

It’s the prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

Actually it’s more like concentration camp, in which you’re enforced to work, some bullshit job you don’t even care about lying yourself and thy neighbor how it’s all about experience/money/whatever, and it’ll all end up okay.

It wont. It’s made like that. It’s made to make you believe such crap without noticing. It’s made up on giving false hope to needy.

It’s basically a children’s book lie. Naive and precursory to any other big lie you have to encounter in life. But it propagates well, summing all the words, concepts and beliefs pretty low.

You won’t get satisfaction, since you’re no longer relevant.

With the great invention of Human Resources, in which human beings are actually resources, same as coal, wool, plastics, wood, metal and such, managing such a thing became a discipline.

The discipline that went far enough to predict and influence the future course of product development. The Matrix.