Happy new 2015

In case you’re travelling back in time

The thing about travelling back in time is that everything turns out just fine.

The future is unknown and no matter how hard we try it’s still unpredictable. So many parameters decide about it that we’re forced to do everything we can to predict it, usually with huge margin of error.

In fact everything we do, we do to fight it, to make it comfortable. We usually do it with money which has nothing to do with future itself. We’re making mistakes and those mistakes cost us time to correct them. Correcting our mistakes costs us money, and makes us uncomfortable. We’re running in infinite loop of our own stupidity.

And it will never end. At least with such mindset. Fuck the future and fuck money.

That’s why I’ve decided not to go to 2016 because knowing this, I can tell with high certainty that it won’t be happy, good, or whatever infantile trip we come around these days. It will suck, as 2015 and every other year before sucked as we grasped forward. Day by day.

I’m going back and knowing everything that happened I won’t have to worry about a thing. Mine is to relax and enjoy.

Here is the list of major issues that will resolve themselves without anyone’s slightest effort, unsorted:

  1. Hungarians will dismantle their wall, and all the refuges will go back to their countries.
  2. People in Paris will just get up, and go home. Terrorists will go home too.
  3. Russian pilots will return to their base, and eventually leave Syria for good.
  4. ISIS will be stronger, but in few years from now it’ll disperse, so peace will come to the all the people living there.
  5. Hundreds of those who drowned in Mediterranean will also return to their countries and smugglers will loose the bloody money.
  6. Aylan Kurdi will go home too. With his parents.
  7. We’ll never ever make those mistakes again.
  8. The world will suck less.

Again, happy new 2015. It’ll be a great year to step backwards.

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