The game of golf is a rapidly growing sport across the world today. Young and old alike are picking up a club and heading to the course or driving range to experience an exhilarating game that was once considered only for the old, retired and wealthy. On the surface, golf may look like a tough and sophisticated game, but really all that is needed is practice and patience, as in any discipline, and one can transform themselves into a decent player. Unlike other sports, a golfer does not have to be in peak physical shape, even to compete at the highest levels of competition. That’s why I encourage everyone, no matter their age, shape, size or race to give it a try, because it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. I especially encourage those who don’t currently have a hobby, because golf is a game that one can easily discover a passion for. The intoxicating feeling of the ball flying off the club-face that first time, even if it’s only once, is a feeling you won’t soon forget and will have you wanting to come back. The game of golf has made a huge impact on my life and helped me create relationships and foster values that have helped transform me into the person I am today.

I was first introduced to golf at a young age by my grandmother who, like most stereotypical golfers, picked up the game as a retirement hobby. She helped introduce all the grandkids and inspired us to play competitively. Growing up, I frequently went out to play a Sunday afternoon round with my grandparents, father, and siblings. Golf has helped me maintain a relationship with my grandparents that I truly cherish. Golf has also taught me respect, patience and humility; virtues I believe I wouldn’t have learned in other sports. For these reasons, I am an advocate of golf, a game that will truly last a lifetime.

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