Headed to Layers 🙏🏻

Last night before going to bed, I checked my email and oh my goodness, I won a scholarship to Layers! 🎉 I am so excited and happy to be awarded this privilege. Layers is a design conference in San Jose, CA that coincides with Apple’s WWDC. App developers and designers from all over the world are in town that week and it’s the perfect time to meet and mingle with all the amazing people in the community.

I am a freelance designer who has been working on user interface designs for apps the last couple of years. You may know me for my design work on Stamp Pack or just recently, Boomerang, which I worked on with my friend, Ish. Or maybe you’ve seen one of my moji characters floating around Twitter. I enjoy this work and I’ve been hoping that these projects would do well enough for me to pay for a trip to the US during WWDC.

I have been fortunate enough to win this scholarship. 💃🏼 I still need to figure out how I will pay for the travel. It looks like it will cost about $1,500.

Ish set up a GoFundMe and your help would be highly appreciated. Other ways you could support me also include downloading, sharing, and subscribing to my apps. Hope to see you in San Jose! ✈️

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