However, she did write to you offline by email, so kept is private. Yes, she did things wrong by asking to change a review. But it seems to me she was polite about it. She was taken aback. We all feel that.
I didn’t read this book.
Stuart Land

And up until the point where she emailed me the third time in a week, threatening to remove my guest post on her blog, then removing the post to punish me for my review, I didn’t have any intention of publishing this publicly and had every intention of sending the errors she requested and re-wording my review. But at that point, I felt that she was bullying, not just having a gut reaction. At that point, it seemed relevant to me to bring this to a public forum and remind all authors (myself included) that just because we wrote a book, doesn’t make us better than others. That if people interpret a book differently than we do, their opinion is not invalid. I appreciate you sharing yours.

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