The cure for type 2 diabetes is known, but few are aware
Nathan Cheng

Does it matter how long before a meal you have the vinegar? I read somewhere that it should be 20 minutes prior, but I don’t always remember to do that. I mix 2 tablespoons of ACV with about 6 ounces of water, 5–15 minutes before I eat. Is that sufficient?

I haven’t had breakfast in a couple of years, keep my eating to within about 5 hours of the day (without grazing between), hardly any sweets, workout most weeks 3 or 4 times. I have fasted anywhere from 27 hours to many days. I come from a long line of diabetics, and was definitely headed that way. Was morbidly obese 18 months ago, but am now just overweight and am heading for normal weight. Thanks for a great article and sharing this important information!

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