When the music stopped

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I never intended to write this blog.

As I have been working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I’ve allowed myself to nurture and nourish my creativity in new ways. I was so low at the end of last year, that I thought this would surely be the end for me. Although I would get through another day, and repeat that each day for the next year, it was clear to me that the best moments were behind me.

New Years has always been my favorite holiday, as it offers up time and attention to explore new possibilities. With each year I focus on a word that reflects the type of person I want to be and the energy I want to feel in my work and relationships. Since the joy and confidence from my previous attempts still felt so far away, I decided it was time for a new approach. …

Have you ever observed Mikhail Baryshnikov’s feet?

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with John Evans Jr, EdD

You can say a lot of things about the great ballet dancer’s instruments of delivery, but you cannot say they are stress free.

Stress gets a bad rap these days. And for good reason. A recent, comprehensive study on stress conducted by Janus Henderson Investors, Financial Planning Association and Investopedia, provided sobering but unexpected results: More than half of consumers say they want a plan to manage or reduce the level of stress in their lives.

Furthermore, 75% of consumers say a reduction in negative stress would have a positive impact on their personal relationships.

New study shows that you can get the benefits of being at the beach, even when you’re stuck in the office

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Our mission at The American Institute of Stress is to provide evidence-based education and tools that can be easily adopted into daily life to reduce the harmful effects of chronic stress.

One of the biggest challenges when trying to create a new healthy habit is that any change, even a positive change, is perceived as a potential threat to the brain. Especially when we’re running on empty. …

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