Hello Genius.


It’s hidden.

We’ve hidden it, bizarrely.

Well maybe we didn’t intentionally. Maybe we hid it for safe keeping until a later date n we forgot n got busy with something else something that at the time seemed more important or urgent or acceptable or safe.

It reminds me of a story where God hides the divine in the last place we would look, inside of ourselves, n usually we only get there after climbing the highest mountain or diving to the deepest sea bed or searching in exotic or remote or foreign lands.

It’s usually when we have run out of steam or hope or money or places to look that we end up slumped down knees to chest in the corner defeated.

Defeated by our own actions.

It’s usually then when we have no where else left to turn to that we do indeed turn towards that which was always waiting for us patiently n we rest our head upon its shoulder n it puts its arms around us n we know without knowing that we are home.

And as soon as we know as if we had uttered a silent abracadabra a doorway opens n all that glitters that once was gold, the gold of our genius is revealed.

We are the lamp.

Polish your soul.

Light the flame.

Illuminate the whole goddamn world!

xxx Aho xxx