This relationships-focused approach is a slower way to grow your business; it takes time to build up genuine, deep trust. But it results in a damn-near-unshakeable foundation.
8 observations from a crumbling niche — and how to avoid getting crushed.
Hillary Weiss

A relationships-focused approach isn’t internet sexy, sadly.. and it takes longer than most anyone wants to tell you it will, but it is worth it. Building relationships takes far less time than creating sales funnels, newsletters, and webinars, and yet, these practices are lauded. Building relationships can be messy, because the connections we make, they don’t always go as planned, and it can’t be made into a six step process we can sell to others as a course or a formula. Building relationships takes time, intention, consistency, and self awareness. As I see it, the most important component to building lasting relationships is empathy, knowing it isn’t about you, it’s about understanding the needs of the person you are connecting with.

The conversation started here is incredibly important and underrated by so many, but I thank you for sharing your insights. This is a topic that is shedding some much needed light on an old fashioned way of doing business that never goes out of style.

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