The Mother of Woodstock, Linda Kornfeld.

Artie and Linda Kornfeld, with Michael Lang. 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair.

It was 1969, the Kornfelds had Michael Lang staying with them. The three were having a discussion about the truth and love of music, as payola and crookedness had begun. Artie said let’s have a concert for music and love, Linda said it had to be outside where people felt free, and Michael agreed.

I am writing this out to pay homage to Linda Kornfeld. Today we have Artie and Michael on two sides of a story, one for love, one for rock glory. Linda is never mentioned publicly, yet as all the women in the world know, we help hold and support the things in our lives together. Support the growth, make sure we keep our cool, and see things through.

It is international Womens Month, and Linda Kornfeld deserves all the respect and more for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair 1969. She has transitioned, many years ago now. The rock culture was hard on her and their daughter Jamie Heather Kornfeld. Beauty is as beauty does, and Linda has been touted as the most beautiful woman in the world, body, mind and spirit by her husband Artie Kornfeld, who solely keeps her memory alive. Google her and you will find nothing. So I write this day, this homage to Linda, and I ask you the reader to help me (the new songwriter and bridge from the spirit of love, peace and music of old to the spirit of love, peace and music anew) to help me this International Women’s Month to uplift her at this important point in history. It is the 50th Anniversary, the Golden Jubilee, and in my humble and loving opinion, Linda deserves all the respect. She lived and died in love. Artie has been my dear friend for 13 years now. We met over my song No More War, Artie is the real spirit of Woodstock, as was Linda. He does not want to redo a miracle, nor has he ever tried. He realizes it was just that. A miracle. At this point in our awakening, we could use some more magic, some more love, and some more miracles. These are the only pictures of Linda I can find anywhere, I feel it shows what love does. It backs us up. And I know she is doing just that right now for women everywhere. Meet the mother of Woodstock, Linda Kornfeld, may the true spirit of love, peace and music live on…

#OneLoveRising #TheSpiritoftheWoodstockNation #InternationalWomensMonthLindaKornfeld #TheMotherOfWoodstock

Artie Kornfeld, Linda Kornfeld and Michael Lang 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair.

Here is the link to The Spirit of the Woodstock Nation, a congratulation song for those who did not sell out, and for those of us who still live in love. Crafted over 13 years of memories, vision, peace, love, music, friendship, hopes, dreams, and hard work. Love is who we are.

To women everywhere. To Linda.. we are rising.

Love Heidi and Artie Kornfeld