OM-mazing — Adventure is My Meditation

Most don’t believe it when I say, “Adventure is my meditation.” However, hear me out!

Although it may sound counter-intuitive to most, adventure can be meditation. Like other more traditional meditation practices, including yoga, gardening, and walking labyrinths, adventure works. Adventure results in finding clarity, decluttering the mind, and shifting your perspective. It’s OM-mazing.

Now, you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie for this to work. I define adventure more broadly.

An adventure is an activity that is all encompassing, either physical, mental, emotional, or perhaps a little of all, requiring your complete focus. In most cases, it is also a bit frightening. Doing it (whatever IT is) in spite of the fear, makes it an adventure.

Some examples of adventure:

  • Renting a car in an unfamiliar city (can’t be listening to the radio or texting)
  • Learning to SUP (no to-do list runs through your head while you are trying to balance)
  • Traveling alone to another country (a different language, food, transportation, etc. — a full sensory explosion and in the moment)
  • Dating again after a divorce (OMG — yes, dating is always an adventure)
  • Writing a book (You think writing is therapeutic. Nope journaling is. A book is a huge undertaking. I’ve published two going on three.)

I understand that we can’t all just quit our jobs and go out and travel the world, but we can make the decision to inject frequent doses of adventure to gain perspective and check-in with ourselves right in our own backyards and communities.

I challenge you to add adventure to your life: a new sport, a new place, or even a familiar place in a different way. Make shift happen through adventure!

What’s your next adventure?

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Here’s to looking up!