Special Interests

One of my favorite parts of autism are special interests. I love passion and focus bordering on obsession. I love to hear people talk about those things that they hold dear and that gives them life.

Autists are those who build altars to their special interests and then live inside that altar. A tree house far above the mundane world of the status quo and the shallow.

The pinnacle comes when special interests intersect or parallel. Then the sparks fly and the words cannot come quickly enough to connect the dots and finish each other’s sentences. That is the best of the best. Finding someone who cares about what you care about is the hot air that lifts the balloon if the ground. Sharing the view together as the balloon lifts skyward if magical.

Muggles find the quirky world of these tree houses and altars unnecessary and frivolous, but we know that this is what life is made of. This is the rare air that only we can breathe and that they will never understand the joy and satisfaction that comes from loving something so much that you immerse yourself deep within.

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