How do you know if the clothes you desire are a good fit?

You might see someone wearing an outfit you like, but you’re not sure if you are able to replicate the look. Here are tips from our head stylist on how to make the most of what you got.

We are all unique, which is the reason same clothing can look different on you from the next person or a size can look different on you from one store to the next.

Instead of sticking with a number on a tag, forget about your size and shop for clothing based on your true style.

It’s better than buying something that is your size but isn’t flattering or completing your figure.

Let’s celebrate your body figure

We’re all so out of touch with reality; we see too many images of perfection.

Deep down, though, we know the things that matter the most.

How much freaking time do people actually spend on filtering their photos, seeking perfection, before they actually post the photo on IG.

Start with the body parts that you should show off: a lovely smile, a long neck, a great bust.

If you have a waist, then show it off by wearing fitted clothing from time to time.

Bad, good or always awesome.

Good shoulders provide shape for your outfit, so if you have them, you can wear most styles.

You can use shoulder pads if you have narrow shoulders. Shoulder pads help balance them with the rest of your body.

Broad shoulders give great posture, and if you also have large breasts, wear styles that bring the eye to the center of your frame.

If you have broad shoulders, keep following in mind:

  • V or U necklines and vertical stripes make the thickest part of your bust or shoulders look narrower.
  • Never wear cropped tops or shoulder pads.
  • Avoid wide-leg pants and wide tops and dresses, so you won’t look broad from the neck down.
  • Choose A-line single-breasted coats, and wear dresses with a light swing cut and raglan sleeves.

Not many of us have perfect arms, but it’s mostly just the very top of them that’s imperfect, so why are we bothered about this?

To hide this, you can wear short-, mid-length–, or long-sleeved tops and shirts that are not tightly fitted around the armpit.

A sheer top, shrug, or a cropped jacket over a camisole is essential.

To minimize heavy arms, wear a kimono or inset sleeves, and avoid puffy sleeves.

Doesn’t mean you should look at your body and focus on finding your bad attributes.

I believe we all have our qualities, let’s celebrate our figure with the right outfit.

Don’t copy

To achieve success, you must make the most of what you’ve got.

Don’t wait for something that might never happen such as large becoming small.

You need to have realistic goals if you want to change something.

If you find it difficult to get motivated and feel most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, or have had the same look for ages, then it might be hard, scary work to make a change, so stay focused and be courageous.

Don’t copy someone else’s style. Let your clothes reflect your true self and embrace your uniqueness.

When I concentrate on myself I’m so much happier, and I want the same for you.

Tell the world you are in charge

Don’t let fashion trends rule you. Let’s enjoy the freedom to dress as we want.

Be brave, because it’s best to show the way you truly are, so you can make the changes you need.

Those with fuller figures should avoid unflattering tight-fitting clothes, as they will emphasize all bumps and bulges.

In addition, remember that clothing that is too large will make you appear bigger.

Avoid lines that are excessively full and have too many details.

Remember, individual pieces must fit together; if you find yourself thinking “this is too much,” then it probably is.

Look awesome today and don’t wait for that special occasion.

Look awesome today and don’t wait for that special occasion. It will make you happier, and if you’re happy, it has a positive effect on the people around you.

If you are wondering how you are supposed to find your style, I and my team at Rebutia have been working on creating a software to carefully analyze you. It’s a free service and has features to classify clothing according to your body’s figure and your general style.

Surveys show that most women are not pleased with their body and the way they look.

Make the most of your body’s best features, instead of only looking at those that aren’t so good.

We all have stretch marks, cellulite, and bulges here and there. Honestly, do you know anyone who doesn’t have some faults?

We can all look great by dressing up according to our body figure. After all, by choosing the perfect style, you will get greater confidence.

Please let me know how you found your true style. I’d love to hear more.

Thanks for reading, feel free to hit the clap button for others to discover.

Say hi on Instagram or check out what we are building at Rebutia.




Inspired to become a conscious consumer when I realized how our increased purchase behavior has a drastic effect on the environment.

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Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir

Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir

Inspired to become a conscious consumer when I realized how our increased purchase behavior has a drastic effect on the environment.

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