The guide to a sustainable lifestyle

Instead of returning to business as usual as soon as possible, we should challenge us to reduce our consumption and adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle for the future.

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The success of us as individuals, society, and businesses as a whole has been sadly linked with mass consumption. We are often persuaded to spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need.

Today, we are facing challenging circumstances where we need to adapt quickly. We have to change the way we do things. …

The guide to more productivity

The number one stopping point of high performance in the world of work is a distraction.

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Being focused is hard nowadays.

It can be difficult to take control and stay focused while we have all the social media buzz distracting us all day long. Like Darren Hardy rightly puts it:

“Your main competitors aren’t other companies; your main competitors are distractions”.

Focused attention is the brain’s ability to concentrate its attention on a target stimulus for any period.

If you spend 20 minutes per day checking social media that amounts to one workday per month or 12–15 days per year. Imagine what else you could be doing with that precious time. …

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One of four clothing purchases made by citizens of Hong Kong ends in the garbage after being used only once or twice.

The most common reason is low quality or that the clothes didn’t fit. When people buy cheap clothes they care less.

As a result, millions of clothes end up in the landfill every year.

Then how to select good quality clothes that we can wear for years and stop wasting our money on garbage?

Become conscious consumer

Fashion brands are constantly bringing new fashion, new design, and new ideas quickly to the market, with a focus on accessibility and affordability.

Many consumers appreciate a new look that can be worn for the moment and view clothes as a temporary treasure.

I believe it’s crucial for companies to change this and be dedicated to both environmental and ethical practices throughout the production processes. …

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The high performance guide

If you want to build a successful life and become a high performer, you’ll need to improve your skills and daily habits.

Running two businesses at the same time, I know how daily routine can make or break my day’s efficiency. My actions structure my day and make the difference between operating at peak efficiency or struggling to make it through a poorly-planned day.

Through the years I have been exchanging bad habits for new and improved habits. I have 8 morning and evening rituals that help me win the day.

“Your daily routine consists of all of your habits.”

I know that being a high performer can absolutely transform your business and increase your probability of becoming successful.

Here’s a list of habits and skills of high performers that you can implement into your own life to boost your productivity and win in the future. …


Plastic bag status has recently gone from a tolerated to despised.

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The negative impacts of plastic bags are undeniable. When they’re not piling up in landfills, they’re blocking drains, cluttering up streets, surfing air currents, and contaminating oceans. What if reusable bags aren’t good for the environment either!

Replacement of plastic bags

I recently wrote an article about how to dramatically decrease the amount of plastic waste you generate in your day to day life.

However, people still need bags to bring home their groceries. The effect on the environment by replacing plastic bags might be pretty bad.

Which reusable shopping bag is a good Eco-choice? Let’s look at the options.

Canvas bags

The first reusable shopping bag to gain popularity was the canvas bag. Canvas totes are available in conventional cotton, organic cotton, or even hemp. …

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“Your outfit is self-expression.”

It says something about you to those around you, so it’s best to approach clothes with intention and purpose. Use your clothes and style to build your personal brand.

Your style can even reflect what you stand for. Use your style as a tool to stand out and be noticed and to reinforce yourself as a professional person.

Clothing gives an idea of your character and even boosts your confidence if you feel good about what you wear. It is essential how you feel in your clothes because this feeling can make or break an outfit.

Do your clothes reflect your personal ‘brand’? …

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Photo by Lan Pham

Fast fashion is negatively connected to human rights issues. Workers often experience discriminatory and exploitative labor conditions.

Short-term contracts and poor government labor inspection make it difficult for workers, the vast majority of whom are young women, to assert their rights.

Here’s how it has played out against women in the textile and garment industry and how we can empower them to protect their rights.

Women in the garment industry frequently face discrimination

Women workers face pervasive pregnancy-based discrimination ranging from termination of employment to denial of statutory maternity benefits.

According to a report by the organization War on Want, women workers are vulnerable to other rights abuses such as the denial of maternity leave, forced pregnancy tests, and sexual harassment or violence. …

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Every single day we are bombarded with images of perfection on social media. We see the perfect mothers, models, workers, travelers, athletes or leaders.

Photos and messages are becoming identical.

Social media is crowded with people posting images of their apparently perfect lives, accomplishing extraordinary things or brands posting unrealistic images.

It’s often absurd how much time people spend to take the best selfie to post on social media.

Then they remove it when it doesn’t get enough likes. This tendency to flourish on likes and acceptance is driven by attention and causes comparison and envy.

People seek validation from social media and tend to forget who they really are and confuse attention with affection. …

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It’s been said that by 2050 oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish.

Plastic is found in virtually everything these days. Your food and hygiene products are packaged in it. Your car, phone, and computer are made from it. And you might even chew on it daily in the form of a gum.

Two sustainable fashion entrepreneurs launched an Australia vs. Iceland challenge.

It was a 30-day experiment to see whether it’s possible to live plastic-free.

Learn 9 simple steps they adopted to dramatically decrease the amount of plastic waste they generated in their day to day life.

Australia vs. Iceland challenge

February 1, 2018, two sustainable fashion entrepreneurs, highly motivated and increasingly concerned with plastic pollution, launched an Australia vs. …

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You might see someone wearing an outfit you like, but you’re not sure if you are able to replicate the look. Here are tips from our head stylist on how to make the most of what you got.

We are all unique, which is the reason same clothing can look different on you from the next person or a size can look different on you from one store to the next.

Instead of sticking with a number on a tag, forget about your size and shop for clothing based on your true style.

It’s better than buying something that is your size but isn’t flattering or completing your figure. …


Heiðrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir

Inspired to become a conscious consumer when I realized how our increased purchase behavior has a drastic effect on the environment.

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