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I am a European.

Most countries in Europe have a fairly well working health insurance — not Greece, where we destroyed the health care system and brought them back to the dark ages, or shall I say governments and banks/investors did that. There is a lot to work on here as well and I think that when it comes to health insurance money needs to be taken out of the equation. There should be no price on your health. Why? Because ultimately there will always be the best medicine out there that only the super rich can afford, like with AIDS. Some super stars still live having AIDS while people in Afrika die in the millions.

If making health insurance free of charge is not possible, which I doubt, it should at least be paid by the employers and not by the employee. Why? Because we spent most of our time at work and companies have to give back to society more. This would be a good way to implement such a giving back. Here is an idea: Make investment, meaning all stock, bonds, futures and what not give a percentage of every transaction to the health care system and we will be rid of ever discussing the financial side of health care, if the health care system is still competitive in Nature. We in Europe have that, except for the stupid idea of private health insurance that threatens to kill the public health insurance system.

Please, US, just create a decent health care system free of charge to the people and forget about monetising everything.