Every now and then I like to take an online course. Especially when they are free ones and especially the ones that many people have suggested to me. Luckily enough, one course happened to fill both criteria and looking back to it now I am very glad I took the course.

The course is Learning how to learn available on Coursera. And as one of the core aspects of learning is understanding and recalling, then writing this article serves many purposes.

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The whole life is a learning process so why not master it now?

Starting out with practice — it is well known that practice makes perfect, but still, I have found myself reading a material over and over and hoping that it sticks. …

In recent months (and throughout its history…) there have been huge fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrencies. There are two intriguing aspects about the recent price changes (Jan-Feb 2018):

It was very interesting to see participating investors being very vocal on picking the right coin that was going or had gone “to the moon” during the rapid increase of prices in 2017. …

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Success in a white suit?

Everyone (especially on Medium) talks about success, but few talk about what the term stands for. I find that alarming since running after the wrong goals does not get us any closer to what makes us tick every day. When everyone around you talks about how to run faster, it is very easy to take the current direction as the correct direction for granted.

A new opportunity comes along, a new project jumps up.

You ask yourself, “Should I do it?”

You ask other people “Should I do it?”

Even when the feedback you get is a resounding “YES” it still pays off to be cautious. Too often the most lucrative and appealing projects are the ones that succeed at taking us down the wrong paths. …


Heiki Riesenkampf

Engineer by training, founder by profession. Reimagining how remote teams collaborate without constant video calls.

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