If You Think Racism is Too Political For Your Classroom, Think About What Your Silence Says

Photo: Megan Soule

Dear Educator,

“This year, our focus will be on racial justice, and it is the most important work we can do together. We will learn a great deal about reading and writing, but understanding how racism and injustice operates will be at the core of all we do. My vision for our classroom is that it is a safe space for us to have courageous conversations. I’ll need your help to make this vision a reality. When we discuss challenging issues, we are all going to make mistakes and this includes me. Sometimes, we won’t always know what to say, and I expect that we will mess up quite a bit without any intent to cause harm. We’ll need to give ourselves permission to do so. So the second thing I’m asking for is your patience. But I promise you that we will get better at these discussions over time.”

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