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Teaching While Parenting: About This Series

By Kristine Mraz

First, let’s start with a story.

I have a one year old baby. I delight in his antics and his growth. He seems like a miracle and every little thing he learns astounds me. I marvel at his existence and the billions of emerging neurons that drive him to explore, discover, experiment, and inquire. What an incredible thing babies are!

What is this and who is it for?

Sitting in that doctor’s office made me acutely aware of the shaded part of the venn diagram that I now reside in: teacher and parent. Depending on which way I orient, I feel different feelings, think different thoughts, ask different questions. I am working to sit in the tension between the two, and use that frequency to think about common encounters I have had with parents of my students. So what is this? A series of posts, some by me, some by other teacher-parents, that attempts to ask and answer questions common to the schooling experience, questions like: “What do I do if a/my child hates school?”, “How do I know if it is the right school for a/ my child?”, “What do I say if a/my child is feeling bullied?”, “What if a/my child is struggling?”

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