It has been 10 years I have been enjoying the maps. Back on a day in 2006, printed maps of world and my country had been brought to my home and I had really enjoyed finding the labels of various countries, capitals, cities, landmarks and mountains. And I was so curious why just one fourth of Antartica had been displayed on this flat map although the mini map of it is shown somewhere on the map. I also enjoyed learning demographic data of a specific country which was available on the back side of the map. Later in my life, I learned that borders changed as time went on. The driving force behind this flexible borders is Wars and Treaties. As time passes year by year, the chances of border changes gets lower and lower according to historical researching of past several decades. Yes, it is one of the factors that could make changes to world map. However, the other factor is not driven of those mammals but the earth itself. Over very large timescale, collective movements of earth crusts can be accumulated enough to shape the new design of map. That was the way how today map was formed. Mammals wouldn’t recognize because of their relatively short lifetimes. It is changing everyday in a negligible magnitude. A 90% unknown realm is more interesting with millions of undiscovered species. These are lives, those exclusive lives from protozoa to gorillas to human can be seen gloriously. However, our human civilization puts human into a situation in which human almost set aside the appealing and wonderful structure of living things.

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