A manifesto: Design for connectedness

© Heini Lehtinen, 2014.

Ten principles of design for connectedness.

  1. Connectedness to oneself, others, to one’s environment, time and to energy are essential for human well-being.
  2. To design for connection is to respond to physical, emotional and cognitive needs.
  3. To design for connection is to enable.
  4. Well-functioning space is priority, and aesthetics is a function of well-being.
  5. To design for balance is to bring opposites together.
  6. High quality is respect towards oneself and others.
  7. Senses tie us to a moment. Beauty is an experience of hope.
  8. Substances that age beautifully provide a sense of continuation.
  9. There is no such thing as perfection. Imperfection is a spark of life.
  10. Small touches make a big impact. We are not immortal, but just visiting.

© Heini Lehtinen, 2018.