Blockchain Innovations Offer Silver Linings Amid a Global Pandemic

Amid the current global crisis, we are seeing promising use cases for distributed ledger technology, which are already providing leading solutions in various relief efforts.

As discussed in an earlier post, my work revolves around identifying innovative start-ups which present promising use cases for blockchain technology. The current COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented in modern times, has shed light on a number of ways for the blockchain industry to solve real world issues. …

Want to succeed in blockchain? Act now and trust your instincts.

Unlike other, more established industries, emerging technology cannot offer investors or entrepreneurs any proof points. It takes business know-how and the courage to be a first-mover to succeed.

Blockchain technology is steadily gaining recognition for its ability to overcome industry inefficiencies, from trade finance, to supply chain, to real estate tokenization. As this nascent technology matures into a force for good, providing a platform to achieve new levels of business and consumer collaboration by enabling more secure, controlled and trusted access, investors and entrepreneurs with an eye for opportunity…

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