Read Scripture!

A Resource and an Encouragement

This post is meant to have a two-fold purpose.

First, I want to encourage you to read scripture! It’s obviously commanded throughout the Bible but nowhere is it more clear than when Jesus encourages us to stay connected to Him, the Vine (John 15). He truly is our source of life and a huge part of staying connected to Him is by spending time in the Word!

Second I want to share a really cool resource. It’s called Read Scripture! You can find it online or you can download the iOS or Android app.

What is Read Scripture?

Read Scripture is a resource put together by Francis Chan and many others and it’s aim to assist us in reading and learning The Bible.

We all have our reading plans but what is really cool about this is that it gives really helpful video introductions to every book of the Bible.

The whole aim of Read Scripture is to get everyone engaged in Scripture and to learn God’s truth by consistently spending time in the Bible.

Download, Visit, Open It, Do It!

God desires to meet you where you are…but He isn’t going to force you to like Him. What is the desire of your heart? Do you want to like the Bible but, in all honesty, you don’t? Then honestly go before God in prayer and ask Him to help you enjoy His Word! I can promise you from personal experience that He can and will answer that prayer!

Do you already enjoy His Word but the desire of your heart is to go deeper in experiencing Him? Then pray that prayer before the Father and then open your Bible and read about those that went deep with God! Read about the life of King David or one of his many sons who sat on the throne after him. Read some of Solomon’s wisdom. Or turn to Luke 10:39 and see Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet and pray that you could be that satisfied in God!

Take the step today. Begin with a prayer and then open your Bible or favorite app and see where it takes you…and then comment below with your experiences. How has God answered your prayers? How have you encountered Him in the Scriptures? What new thing did you learn today by spending time alone with God and the Bible? Was the Read Scripture app and/or videos helpful to you?

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