You Have to Listen to Hear

Blog Post | Do you ever find yourself wondering why you aren't hearing from God? Learn from my experience that you can't hear unless you are listening.

Stating the Obvious

Ok, so on the surface the title of this post seems pretty obvious. Your thinking, of you have to listen to hear!

But this thought struck me today as I was trying to think of what would be best to share on my blog. Usually I write about what God is revealing to me, whether its through a book, devotional time, prayer, or life experience.

As I was thinking today, I asked myself what was it that God was speaking to me about.


God hadn’t said or revealed anything to me! How frustrating! Then I asked myself why it was that God wasn’t revealing something to me. Then it hit me like a softly spoken word: I didn’t hear anything because I wasn’t listening.

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? Or maybe weeks or months? You know, the kind where the distractions of this world mixed with the desires of quick gratification lead to prayerless days and Godless thoughts.

I’m sure you’ve been there. And that’s exactly where I found myself over the past few days and even weeks. A crazy schedule and some life changing events were enough to take my eyes off of the true source of life. Though I may still be connected to the source, I find myself on those days drawing less on the source than I truly need. It’s almost like a plant not using it’s rooting to draw nutrients from the soil or leaves to convert energy from sunlight and oxygen.


The beauty for us as believers in Christ is that we are always connected to the true Vine! Even on our worst day, God is still with us. We can’t start beating ourselves up for not listening. Instead we need to recognize why we aren’t listening and make some course corrections. Are you still focused on the prize? Are there things that you can remove that distract you from focusing on God? These and many other questions are great ways to remind ourselves to listen and assess our current connectedness to God.

Its also extremely valuable to have someone in your life who is a mentor and/or accountability partner. This someone or someones will undoubtedly notice things in you that you won’t that may be distracting you from God. The goal is not to make sure that you are doing all the right things but to make sure that you are drawing life from God and not false life from something else.


I simply wanted to share this with you in hopes of encouraging you to make sure you are listening for God. He is good and most certainly wants to reveal Himself to you. But it is almost impossible for us to hear God if we aren’t listening for Him. Its even harder when we’re listening to other voices.

What are your experiences with recognizing and dealing with distractions and not listening to God? Use the comment area below to share your thoughts!

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